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Madonna Dumps Jesus Luz

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Madonna Dumps Jesus Luz Empty Madonna Dumps Jesus Luz

Post by Abbie on Sat Mar 21, 2009 7:47 pm

Madonna Dumps Jesus Luz Madonna-dumps-jesus-luz

Madonna has reportedly decided to dump Jesus Luz after a short time together.

The 50-year-old singer/actress’ decision to end the relationship was finally made after lingerie model Luciana Costa and Jesus spent a romantic weekend together in Brazil, the Daily Star reports. Madonna also broke things off so it wouldn’t affect her chances with adopting another child from Malawi. Madonna recently said said, “Many people, especially our Malawian friends, say that David should have a Malawian brother or sister. It’s something I have been considering, but would only do if I had the support of the Malawian people and government.”

“She was drawn to Jesus. But it was just a bit of fun and she’s enjoyed herself,” a source close to Madonna said. “But she is growing bored of the relationship and her family comes first. He would ruin her chances of adopting again. And the pictures of him with Luciana made her realize that he’ll be better suited to somebody his own age.”

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